Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hello! Ola! Salve!

Guten Tag and happy Sunday, new readers! Welcome to our newly formed dent in the internet. As you've probably already noticed, our names are Chelsey and Vickie and we're related - cousins in fact. We'll be posting a little more about ourselves in posts later on, but the nub and jist is this - we've both been in search of a better, happier and most importantly healthier lifestyle, one of us is a little further on than the other in the journey, and we figured what better way to boost motivation than to get stuck into this fabulous community?

It's our aim to spread the word and create a compilation of different posts, from recipes to travel to workouts to general controversy and tom-foolery. We want to hit the ground running and take this place by storm -watch this space and follow our journey to a better life!

Please feel free to chat to us and get friendly, being the new kids on the block we'd really appreciate it. We're all over social media and we even have an email address so get in touch!

Ciao Chels & Vickie! xo

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